Puta y libre. La prostitución como nunca te la han contado de MAY, VALERIE en pdf

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«Sexuality, intimacy, and affection, which are implicit in my work, do not oppose limits, conditions, and respect.» Valeria Mayo. How did the decision to become a prostitute come about? What possibilities do you have to explain this to a mother? Do prostitutes love? What about your happiness and desire? Is there a profile of the client? Are the concepts of freedom and sex work in conflict? What are the real demands of the majority of the pampam group? Is abolitionism the solution? These are just some of the hundreds of questions, far from the air, that will find answers in these pages that will change your perspective on prostitution. Honest, kind, honest, and revolutionary, this revealing autobiographical essay shows us that prostitution is less crude than we think, despite the stigma that marks the lives of all women who practice it. Valérie May, who decided to leave her job as a social integrator to become a sex worker and activist for the rights of prostitutes, reveals her soul in this moving book to create a global analysis of prostitution and bring us closer to the unknown reality of these uncomfortable and insolent women, who, through their sexual disobedience, established a repressive and contradictory system, determined to degrade sex workers. Each of her lines is written with the hope that one day making decisions about one’s own life will not be criminalized and sex work will be safe and guaranteed, finally obtaining the recognition it deserves.

Datos de interés acerca del libro:

Título:   Puta y libre. La prostitución como nunca te la han contado


Editorial: ARCOPRESS

Fecha: 2023

ISBN: 9788411313087

Páginas totales:  184

Temática:  Ingeniería

Fichero: kindle, mobi, epub, pdf

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A continuación, vas a descargar Puta y libre. La prostitución como nunca te la han contado en pdf de MAY, VALERIE, el cual fue publicado en la fecha: 2023. Contiene 184 paginas y su ISBN es: 9788411313087. Llega a nosotros a través de la editorial ARCOPRESS.


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