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Iñigo Bolinaga explored the power of the hammer and the strength of a Cistercian monk, making each of his works important. Javier Ors, La Razón Did you know that Nazi Germany was a pioneer in legislating in favor of environmentalism and animal rights? Or that its origins are closely linked to artistic avant-gardes? That the British Union of Fascists was the first British party to have 10% female members? And that it tried to integrate the needs of society into the Third Position? The most diverse opinions and definitions arise around the term fascism, which is always a topic of debate in political science, but do we know what it is? Can we understand why in the early years of its creation Jews were overrepresented in the National Fascist Party, in relation to Italian society? This book investigates these and other questions in an entertaining and educational way. It allows us to explore the ideology and its variants, know its different realities in different contexts that surprise us. For example, the unique position adopted by a sector of Nazism that supports independence in various European territories, the feminist assertion that a good part of British ex-suffragists joined the party… or the existence of a sector directly influenced by Volkisch Nationalism (populist) within German Zionism. Through unknown episodes, the author helps us understand fascism wherever it spread -Italy, Germany, Spain, Latin America…- while also taking us to the lesser-known milestones: Mussolini’s seizure of power with the march on Rome, Hitler’s attempted coup in 1923 and his subsequent victory in democratic elections ten years later, the different movements that emerged in Europe in the 1930s, in countries like Poland, Croatia, and Spain. Iñigo Bolinaga quickly and rigorously answers the main questions to understand this political movement: What is fascism? How many types of fascism are there? What were its moments of glory… and downfall?

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Título:   Eso no estaba en mi libro de historia del fascismo


Editorial: ALMUZARA

Fecha: 2023

ISBN: 9788411314350

Páginas totales:  352

Temática:  Informática

Fichero: kindle, mobi, epub, pdf

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