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The period 1890-1930 marked the emergence and rise in Argentina of a new political force, radicalism, which constituted a first attempt to include new social sectors in the power structure. Its representativeness, its social composition, its successes and failures, and its significance in the contemporary history of Argentina continue to provoke difficult controversies. Researcher David Rock approached this debate objectively and provided excellent documentation. The author’s analysis of the role of foreign capital in this period is particularly important; in the relationship between the government and workers, especially during the railway and maritime strike and the Tragic Week; the Yrigoyenist ideology and the clientelist system implemented through party «committees» and neighborhood leaders; in its ability to adapt a wide diversity of regional groups, integrating them into a national movement, despite maintaining the primacy of decisive situations for Buenos Aires and its sphere of influence. According to Rock, the radical experience has many points of similarity with a suspended reformist pattern typical of Latin America. It illustrates the futility of trying to achieve real social change without the necessary instruments of power.

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Título:   El radicalismo argentino 1890 - 1930

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